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Article By Bodie Kellogg Regarding Pre-Construction Purchase Of Real Property In Mexico And The “Verification Of Completion Inspections”

Buying ‘off plan’ in a country without government regulations protecting a buyer’s investment can be risky, especially if home owners are not able to inspect the final product prior to the developer requesting the final payment.

About The House: Understanding Asbestos

‘The Permafrost Is Dying’: Bethel Sees Increased Shifting Of Roads And Buildings.

In Bethel houses sink unevenly into the ground. Walls crack and doors stick. Utility poles tilt, sometimes at alarming angles. Permafrost in and around Bethel is deteriorating and shrinking, even more quickly than most places in Alaska.

Roof-deck madness is gripping Boston


DHSS’s Proper Steps To Safely Remove Mold After Recent Flooding In Missouri.

Mold can cause illness, but it is important not to panic if you find mold in your home. THe Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services reminds homeowners that there are a number of steps to take to safely and properly clean mold which includes wearing protective equipment, discarding items that cannot be dried in a timely fashion, and opening doors and windows as much as possible. Other steps are listed in the article.

Tips From Air Care Wizards On How To Keep Avoid Mold In Homes.

There are a number of simple things homeowners can do to avoid mold issues in their homes. These include having a licensed contractor perform an HVAC tune up, changing HVAC filters regularly, get the components cleaned every couple of years, and not turning the HVAC system off when leaving on vacation or extended trips away from home. The last point is especially true for vacation homes and home owners moving out prior to selling their homes in areas with high humidity.

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Daily Home Inspection News – Monday, July 17, 2017
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