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Ottawa proposes more drone regulations

9 Things You Don’t Want to Miss When Buying a Brand-New Home

There are two types of new-home inspections: pre-drywall and final walk-through. First, if you’re buying a home that is being constructed from the ground up, it’s a good idea to get a pre-drywall home inspection.

Top Home Inspection Deal Breakers.

A home inspection can be stressful for both parties. Almost every inspection comes back with at least some sort of repair and, most often, those problems are minor and easy enough to negotiate. However, there are some deal breakers that can cause buyers to run for the hills.

School With Concrete Block Walls Falls Victim To Unsightly Mildew (Know the difference between mold and mildew).

“Blocks are porous, and even when you paint them, you’ll have paint that peels, and moisture can enter those areas or natural cracks that you have in the mortar.”

Habitat For Humanity Helps Family After Apartment Was Condemned Due to Mold Infestation.

Imagine being one of these families and one day coming home to find your family’s home, the place where your children rest their heads at night, has been condemned for mold infestation!? Being told that the conditions your family was living in for years was unhealthy and unsafe.

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