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Millennium Tower keeps on sinking, but there may be a fix

Millennium Tower, seen from Mission Street, has been slowly sinking right from the start, 17 inches, plus a northern tilt.

Does homeowners insurance cover sinkholes?

Homeowners insurance should cover the two homes that fell into the monstrous sinkhole. In some states home owners are covered on their homeowners (insurance) with catastrophic ground collapse coverage. It’s the minor cracking where your home is livable that might not be covered and might be an expense to you.

‘It is Horrifying’: Oakland Officials Respond to Fire Findings

Since 2011, Oakland firefighters have made 879 referrals at properties they found with fire safety issues and needing an inspection. Only 183 (21 percent) of those were ever inspected.

No fire alarm system required in buildings that burned, killing three

Taking a deeper look into the history of the Chesapeake Crossing Apartments, where a large fire left three dead, several injured and more than one hundred people displaced.

Is your head about to explode? Could be mold.

If your head is about to explode from sneezing or nasal congestion, and you have an itchy nose or ears, and watery eyes, take note: the air in the Philadelphia region is thick with allergy-inducing mold spores.

5 Truly Strange Questions Home Sellers Have Asked Realtors—Revealed

Every once in a while, real estate agents hear a question that leaves them speechless. As proof, check out some of the craziest questions real estate agents have heard that just go to show that, yes, there is no stupid question—but there are plenty of really, really odd ones.

New homes come with problem tile, causes issues for owners

A popping sound follows the tile trail throughout the Ramirez residence. Owner Robert Ramirez says it is the sound of loose tile.

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