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This section provides an overview of home inspector tools. Please feel free to contact us with recommendations for tools to add to (or remove from) this section.

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The most important tool in every inspector’s toolkit. We recommend a full size rechargeable flashlight  for daily use as well as a pocket sized pen light for small spaces.

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Gas Detectors

To detect the presence of combustible gas. Some meters can also detect CO2.

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 GFCI Outlet Testers

Quickly and easily identify whether an outlet is wired correctly. Be sure to buy an outlet tester that allows you to manually test the GFCI functionality of an outlet.

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 Infrared Thermometers

Infrared Thermometers are essential when determining the temperature differential for HVAC systems.

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 Moisture Meters

Moisture is the leading cause of damage in homes. Moisture meters help identify areas where further investigation is required. The moisture meter is only second to the flashlight when it comes to essential tools every home inspector should own.

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Thermal Imaging

The use of thermal imaging equipment for home, commercial and  building inspection has become common practice in recent years. Thermal cameras vary greatly in price and capabilities, so be sure to do your research before making a significant investment.

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