How do you measure a roof pitch safely and easily?

Have you ever wanted to determine the pitch of a roof and wished there was a free, and easy to use app to do so? Well, it turns out there is one.

Pitch Gauge
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A Roofing App by Prolific Methods

Pitch Gauge, by Prolific Methods is a popular and trusted roofing app. It is used by over 600,000 roofers and adjusters to accurately measure roof areas and pitch. The pitch gauge allows users to measure the pitch of a roof either by placing your phone on the roof, or by taking a picture of the roof from the ground.

This app can be used to determine the pitch of any surface and its therefore very useful to determine the slope of ramps, landscapes or roofs.

Pitch Gauge is more than a Gauge to determine roof pitch.

This app is however much more than just an app to measure a pitch. Pitch Gauge can be use to organize leads and projects, schedule projects, organize addresses, company messaging, roof reports, compile material lists, organize vendor pricing, and more. Prolific Methods also provides a number of tutorials through the app.

If you are interested in determining the pitch of any surface, download this great app today.


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